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Resolution Services


The bottom line in mediation is the resolution of your case.  We believe in the process of mediation and our ability to obtain closure for all involved. We know from more than two decades as litigators that the benefits of resolution almost always outweigh the financial, emotional and other costs of going to trial.  We provide mediation and arbitration services that are designed to resolve cases fairly and in a cost effective manner.

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Experience Counts



Over the course of our careers, we have track records of resolving a wide array of complex, emotionally charged and high stakes disputes. We have tried serious cases in Washington, Oregon and California and worked for some of the largest commercial and personal lines insurers in the world. We have experience as both a plaintiff’s attorney and a defense attorney.  We utilize our backgrounds to assist parties, attorneys, and insurance professionals to understand the value of resolution.

Let's Get To Work


The process of getting your case resolved begins before we get together on the day of our mediation. For every mediation, we send you our ‘Recommendations for a Successful Mediation’ (which is provided with the materials sent to you by Kubik Mediation Services confirming our mediation).  The information sent to all participants addresses frequently asked questions regarding the mediation process, necessary attendees, mediation briefs, and provides you with our direct phone numbers.  We invite you to call us before the mediation if there is anything that you believe would be helpful for us to discuss in advance.  We will arrive at your mediation fully prepared, having read your briefs and other documents, ready to get to work.

Creative Approaches For Your Case


Every mediation provides a unique set of circumstances.  No matter how much money is at stake, the issues that are personal to the participants are always a major factor in settling a case.  Once the “driving issues” are identified, barriers to resolution can be eliminated.  We continually look for creative solutions to navigate around roadblocks and for unique ways to resolve disputes in a manner that avoids the significant costs and risks of going to trial.

Never Give Up


When someone asks if a case has settled, you will never hear us say "no." Our answer is always either "yes" or "not yet."  If a case does not settle at our initial session, you can be assured that we will not let go;  We'll keep coming back and looking for an opening that will ultimately lead to the closure that everyone wants.



Kubik Mediation is committed to work with each party during this Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, we will follow recommendations from the CDC, health professionals and local and federal governments. We are currently conducting all mediations using Zoom. We have a license with Zoom and all meetings are password protected and hosted (meaning the host (mediator) is the only person that can allow people into the meeting).

Be Well.

Keith Kubik, Chris Anderson, Brad Davis, Roy Umlauf, Kim Kubik & Laura Parker

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