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Kubik Mediation Group

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)



Kubik Mediation Group is excited to offer Online Dispute Resolution services as an alternative to face-to-face mediations.


Benefits of ODR


  • Parties can participate from various locations all over the world. The only requirement is an internet connection or landline connection.

  •  No travel, parking or facility costs. 

  • Chances of delays due to traffic or health concerns are greatly reduced.

  • Participants who are severely disabled or with health issues can still participate in mediations from the comfort of their own home/location. Participants who are deaf/hard of hearing are able to use their technology for closed captioning.

  • In cases that are highly emotionally charged, ODR can help ease anxieties of participants knowing they do not run the risk of running into the other party. When people experience less anxiety surrounding their mediation, they are able to participate with a more positive outlook. Participants in domestic disputes are also kept safer by not being in the same surroundings together. Participants can then feel more comfortable & supported.

  • Being in familiar surroundings can put clients at ease, promoting a more positive frame of mind during the mediation process.

  • Logging in is simple! Each participant will receive an invitation with log-in instructions. We are always happy to do a test log-in with any participant ahead of time to make sure they are comfortable logging in.



Each participant will be supplied with our instruction sheet ahead of the mediation allowing them to review our ground rules and suggestions for a successful mediation.

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