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What people are saying about Brad Davis

I’ve attended my share of virtual mediations the last couple years and I wanted to thank you for helping get this one resolved.  It’s common for mediators to focus more on finding the financial middle ground so I was very happy to see you conveyed the strength of our case to opposing counsel and got this resolved for a price our client could live with. 

This is the first time I’ve ever written a mediator afterwards but I was very impressed with how you mediated this one.   

J. A. ~ Seattle, WA

Masterful job on a difficult case.  Really excellent work.


B. B. ~ Everett, WA

Brad, You've always been great, but you're clearly getting even better. This mediation was top notch. Both my adjuster and I are highly impressed.

D. M. ~ Seattle, WA


You were great last week and made headway with an adjuster from whom we have had limited success getting fair value on UIM claims. And while it isn’t popular to say so, I’m not impressed with a lot of the known quantities in the ADR world. You’re a breath of fresh air and I look forward to working together a lot more.

M. R. ~ Seattle, WA

Just wanted to share an outstanding experience I had last week using Brad Davis as a mediator for a client in a contentious UIM case. Because the guy has done defense for Pemco for ages I believe that he had a lot of credibility in the defense room. He also handles cases on the PI side as well. On top of “getting it”, he was wonderful with my clients. He’s reasonably priced, super easy to work with, and got me to a fantastic result. The plaintiffs bar should really use Brad more – he’s a great ally.

M. R. ~ Seattle, WA

Agree,  Similar experience with Brad where he went deeply into the irrational evaluation by 3rd party claims, and eventually case was resolved, after significant efforts, none of which would have occurred without Brad Davis and his professional commitment.

J. P. ~ Issaquah, WA

Yesterday I had a mediation in a difficult litigated work place injury - WISHA liability case. We were rapidly coming up to trial with difficult medical and damage causation issues as well involving a medium six figure case. I used Brad Davis and he did a wonderful job.  


The reason why I believe he’s effective is simple. Brad still litigates cases and does both sides. He used this to our client’s advantage by explaining the risks to the folks at home office much more effectively than defense counsel could. Brad explained our theories of the case and told the company it did not have a good appreciation about the risks for a much higher verdict. He used his past and current experience as a defense lawyer to explain why their bottom line number was far too low. After he communicated this several times and spoke from his heart, he successfully was able to get the company to pay our bottom line. 


I have known Brad for decades and he is a great middle of the road choice that all parties can trust.

R. K. ~ Kirkland, WA

Thanks for the great job you did yesterday.  I don’t know if I had the chance to tell you, but I thought you did a very good job with a challenging mediation. This was a little like having a porcupine tossed in your lap where you were expected to wrestle it into submission without any major quills left sticking in you. I think you did a wonderful  job of emerging unscathed from this one and looking like a hero to everyone. Well done.

S. B. ~ Edmonds, WA

I want to thank you for your mediation skills exhibited last Thursday.  Without you, I believe there would have been no settlement.  And you were so right about the benefit of settling.  ***** stayed with my wife and me until yesterday when we took her back to college and she expressed more than once how glad she was that this was over.  Now, I hope she can make better progress in her recovery. Thank you again for all the effort you put into our mediation last Thursday.  It was truly appreciated.

B. B. ~ Bellevue, WA

Thank you very much for your work on this Claim Brad----you are a Rockstar to have completed this one! Thank you, I owe you one.


C. F. ~ Seattle, WA

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