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Roy Umlauf offers a variety of scheduling options for mediations emphasizing convenience for attorneys and their clients.  Roy offers full day and half day dispute resolution sessions that can start at various times, depending on the location.  Roy is available to conduct out-of-town mediation sessions at your facilities or at a mutually agreeable site.  Local mediations typically are held at one of counsel's offices.  In addition, we may have access to facilities throughout Washington, Oregon and California and can assist in locating appropriate facilities in other locations if needed.

Fee Schedule


Per Day** – Kubik Mediation Group charges $8,000 per day for Mr. Umlauf's professional services in the Seattle/Tacoma area (up to 3 parties). For a mediation in the Portland/Vancouver area or Eastern Washington, please contact our scheduling office for rates. The amount charged includes the pre-mediation consultation, all travel time within the greater Seattle/Tacoma area*  and expenses (excluding airfare, if applicable), 1.5 hours of reading time and eight hours of conference time (surplus reading time is added to conference time).  Kubik Mediation Group reserves the right to charge for EXTRA TIME as provided in Paragraph 2.

These fees are applicable for mediations that occur Monday - Friday.  An extra fee will be applied for any weekend mediations.  Please check with our scheduling office regarding weekend scheduling availability and applicable fees.

*Travel fees may apply outside of the Greater Seattle/Tacoma area. Please check with our scheduling office for travel fees.

**For the Seattle/Tacoma area: Any mediation with 4 or more parties will be at the rate of $3,000 per party.

Per Half Day - Kubik Mediation Group charges $4,500 per half day for Mr. Umlauf's professional services in the Seattle Tacoma area. Half day mediations are limited to two parties. Half day mediations are limited to the Seattle/Tacoma area. 

2. EXTRA TIME – Kubik Mediation Group reserves the right to charge for Mr. Umlauf's extra preparation, conference and follow-up time at the rate of $650 per hour.  After the mediation has concluded, Kubik Mediation Group will send a supplemental invoice, which is due and payable upon receipt.

3. THIRD PARTY FACILITY COSTS/MEDIATIONS OUTSIDE OF AREA – Conference facilities need to be arranged by the parties.  Mediations outside of the Seattle/Olympia area (South of Olympia, East of Snoqualmie, North of Everett & West of Seattle) will be subject to a full day rate minimum.  Should a third party facility become necessary, Kubik Mediation can assist in securing conference space and the fee will be the responsibility of the parties.

4. FEE AND COST ALLOCATION - PER DIEM FEES (Paragraph 1), EXTRA TIME (Paragraph 2), and THIRD-PARTY FACILITIES COSTS (Paragraph 3) will be billed to and are due from the mediation participants in equal, pro rata shares unless the parties agree to a different allocation and notify Kubik Mediation Group at the time of billing.

5. DEPOSITS – Each participant’s share of the total amount due must be received 14 days before the mediation in order to guarantee the mediation date and time.  Otherwise, Kubik Mediation Group will offer the date to other clients. Invoices are due on receipt & no later than the mediation date. Invoices not paid 60 days after mediation date (or date of invoice for additional hours invoices) will be charged a 12% finance (1% monthly) charge.

6. CANCELLATION AND POSTPONEMENT – If the mediation is cancelled or postponed, the following fees will apply:


*$1,000 cancellation/postponement fee for mediations cancelled within 21 days of the scheduled date.

*The entire mediation fee for mediations cancelled within 14 days of the scheduled date.


The party (or parties) requesting the cancellation or postponement is (are) responsible for the cancellation/postponement fee for the reserved time (not just the cancelling party’s share of the fee), unless Mr. Umlauf's time can be rescheduled for another matter. We will make every effort to avoid the necessity of charging a cancellation or postponement fee.

7. PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY – The attorney and his or her client are jointly and severally responsible to Kubik Mediation Group, a Washington corporation (Taxpayer I.D. No. 27-0717864), for payment of fees and costs.  The contract to retain Mr. Umlauf's services is entered into in Kirkland, WA.

8.  EFFECTIVE DATE – This fee schedule is effective for matters scheduled after May 1, 2024.

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